Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC) is an economic development foundation of the Governor’s Strategic Partnership for Economic Development (GSPED). ATIC functions as Arizona’s recognized and authoritative organization guiding technology policy development, serving as a leading source of information and expertise on telecommunications and information technology matters.


Arizona’s citizens, businesses, and organizations have access to advanced telecommunications services and information technologies enabling them to participate in the global economy.

ATIC develops, promotes and supports initiatives and guides adoption of effective public policies that encourages wide-scale deployment and availability of telecommunication services and information technologies to insure economic prosperity for the Arizona community, expand the region’s global competitive advantage, enable continued educational advancement, and support an enhanced quality of life.

ATIC develops public policy positions and publications as well as facilitates open discussion and productive engagement between stakeholders. ATIC also serves to help educate community members on telecommunications and information technology issues, markets, and opportunities thus supporting the broad dissemination of awareness and knowledge necessary for adoption and use of modern communications capabilities.

ATIC’s public and private partners include large and small businesses, economic development organizations, educational institutions, libraries, consumer organizations, health care and social services, local and state government agencies, the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Arizona legislature, and information technology, telecommunications companies and their employees.